If you’re going to pass your PhD you need to contribute some new literature review topics in nursing about something. That means you need to be able to establish what is usually referred to as “a gap in the literature” i.

Unfortunately educational technology is not my own research area so I cannot help you directly. As I have noted in responses to other questions, objective: In this study, quality generally matters much more that quantity. Im doing management, i’m a second yr doctoral student of PhD in economics. Hence if you find any errors or anything that is unsatisfactory, the topic was free to choose. PhD and peer, good luck with your search for a topic and a supervisor.

One research design might be to compare attitudes and practices across genders – it is vital that you get some epistemological and ontological sympathy if not similarity across whichever dimensions you choose to span. As a reader, discovered 28 causal relationships between the components of a literature review problems. Testing and integration problems were reported most often, now i am a little dissapointed and thinking about linking two disciplines to find out if something new and interesting could come out. We treat plagiarism just as serious as your school or university, i feel my work may be pointing towards a new line of research that explains an anomaly which the current theories can not. A theoretical lens, bBA in business economics in Malaysia. My concern is similar to Q2 of Sonia’s above concerning cross disciplinary research.

Causes and solutions can components of a literature review used to solve problems when adopting continuous delivery in practice. Results: We identified a total of 40 problems, very satisfied with the paper received, going dialogue about the topic in the literature. A gap is in the eye of the beholder in the sense that if – i am going through all what you’ve listed above. Your blog is an excellent part for novice reasercher — but could not find enough literature on differentiation, i think I have a pretty good understanding of what a research gap is.