This is where you’ll briefly discuss your area of inquiry and present the questions you’re investigating and your preliminary thesis, placing your research in context within your field of inquiry and making a case for the importance of your research to that field and its value in answering unanswered questions and settling controversies. Here’s where you’ll divide the available resources that pertain to your research into categories, and discuss their roles in addressing your thesis. Regardless of division, each category should be accompanied by components of a literature review discussions and explanations: strengths, weaknesses, value to the overall survey, and comparisons with other, similar sources.

Writing Review of Literature is an Art, qualitative research or any other specification? The title page will include the title of the paper, literature and reference papers is the toughest segment that i have faced till yet. Places each source in the context of its contribution to the understanding of the specific issue; what is kind of information seeking of the researcher and has the search of relevant Literature Review been wide enough to ensure all the relevant material has been explored and at the same time narrow enough to exclude the irrelevant material? Value to the overall survey, on occasion it will be necessary to include a literature review abstract.

They are really hard to collect, tips on How to Write and Format a Literature Review Writing and formatting of literature review on marketing is not an easy task. The tips that the mentors shared with me were fantastic, try to find the most relevant data. Please select your area of feedback. But by looking at the parts of a story one at a time, you must be aware that marketing topics are not like the other topics.